INTRODUCING: A Class Specifically Created For Clinicians 
From Pain Coach, Amy Eicher 

Changing the narrative around pain
Changing the Narrative Around Pain is a 14-hour course explicitly designed to expand your current practice through an evidence-based understanding of the biological and chemical changes that occur when one is in chronic pain. 

Stories from those with lived experiences enlighten this class explaining how these biological truths affected their lives so we may better understand and apply our EB narratives to those who seek our help.

During this course, you will develop communication skills in regards to hearing patient stories and finding your voice as a pain science-informed clinician. Allowing you to help the individual in front of you find resilience, self-efficacy and reach their own goals.

Changing the Narrative Around Pain is designed to be part workshop-based and part coursework based. 

It is currently being offered in two formats:

            Eight Weeks in 90-Minute Sessions. 
Start dates for 2021:
Oct 5th - Nov 22nd Tuesdays  8 pm CST

What You'll Get When You Join This Class:

* 14 hours of contact teaching
* Exercises for self-reflection and role-play to develop your own voice.
* Reading and resource materials
* Access to a closed Facebook group for continued support

Course Breakdown90-minute sessions

Week 1: Overview of pain theories and fundamentals of PNE
Week 2: Stories from lived experience with persisting pain
Week 3: Nuance of listening
Week 4: Helping make sense of their story
Week 5: Changing the narrative
Week 6: Anatomy of persisting pain
Week 7: Putting it into practice
Week 8: Pulling it all together
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Amy Eicher, best selling author. educator, and pain coach, has a reputation for sharing relatable stories and gently challenging the beliefs of patients and clinicians alike. She combines her 20 year long journey through pain and her insatiable love of learning to help others understand how the rich complexities of their own stories can help them move beyond pain.